Cupboards and high writing desks

Cupboards for cold-storage rooms

The cupboards for cold-storage rooms are made to satisfy specific health and hygiene requirements and where red and white meat, meat-based products and the other ingredients must no longer be mingled for reasons of hygiene and space.  The following have been made to resolve these problems: Chicken crate cupboards (mod.APC) in various sizes and shapes. Tray cupboards (mod.APV)  with guides or smooth shelves.

Quarter cupboards (mod.APQ)  with different capacities and dimensions.

The cupboards are made in 10/10 thick AISI 304 stainless steel with Scotch-Brite finish. There are no sharp corners and the doors are reinforced to prevent any buckling.

The standard versions come with dust-proof top and height-adjustable feet. They may be made to any shape and size and fitted with sliding doors and stainless steel swiveling castors on request.

The cupboards are not refrigerated and must therefore be placed inside cold-storage rooms.