Guideways and Hook Units

Perimeter Hook Unit

The perimeter hook unit for prefabricated or brick-built cold-storage  rooms is made to measure using very hard stainless aluminum  alloy profiles.

It is suitable for fitting out small and medium-size cold-storage rooms where it is impossible to install a self-bearing structure. It  is easy to install and clean; al the accessories and assembly systems have AISI 304  stainless steel screw, nuts and bolts.

The main features are: modularity –infinite lengths can be attained; versatility –corner solutions are possible, while all the units may be placed in any part of the rooms as there is no need to fix to the wall, thanks to the floor/ceiling fixing system.

The uprights of the perimeter hook unit come in standard heights of 2200, 2400, 2600, and 2800 mm, but can be supplied to any size, also with more than two rails.