Shelving units and Trolleys

Market Model Shelving


The constructional characteristics of the sections and their modularity can be used to exploit available space in any environment to the full with numerous layouts.
Available depths are 250, 300, 350 365 ( GN 1/1), 400, 450, 500, 550, 600 mm.
Standard heights are 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000 mm, although  they may be supplied to customer measurements.
The lengths go from a minimum of 500 mm in steps of 100 mm up to a maximum of 1500 mm. Lengths in steps of 50 mm may be made upon demand.


All the sections are capped and have no slits or cavities. The absence of screws plus the special constructional system permits perfect hygiene  at all times.

Load-bearing capacity

the sections making up the shelving have been designed to exploit the load-bearing section to the full with minimum deflection. The estimated load-bearing capacity is given for each shelf with 1/300 deflection.


Assembly is extremely quick. Thanks to the self-locking connecting system and the complete absence of screws, the MARKET MOD. shelving is easy and quick to install.
The connecting system allows shelves to be disassembled, integrated or moved at will for optimisation of space and product storage with the greatest of ease, as no wrench or tool is required.


All types of sectors, from the pharmaceutical to the agricultural and food sector, in particular that of meat.